Will this be on the (Soil) Test?

Soil Testing, Results, and Path Forward


Last year I had my soil tested by Clemson University. The process was sort of a hassle - digging samples, mixing together in a bag, plus paying for a money order and shipping.

This year I switched things up and used the popular MySoil test kit. I have to say I’m impressed with the ease of use for both providing the sample and receiving the results.

Get a MySoil testing kit here 👉🏻

The results from last year were that my P was fairly low and K was barely within the desirable range. The results from this year’s test were surprising to see not only P but also K amounts are low.

Last year I tried to address the low P by apply a triple superphosphate fertilizer 0-46-0 at a rate of about 3Lbs of per 1k giving me roughly 1.4Lbs of P per 1k. Obviously this wasn’t enough.

Triple Superphosphate 0-46-0 👉🏻

My path forward this year to address the issue is monthly application of 40Lbs of 13-13-13 fertilizer. For my area that works out to about 1Lb of NPK per 1k each month. At first that seems extreme, but the product I’m using is slow-release, so I think this will provide a continuous source of nutrients over the growing season. I will re-test in the fall to see what progress has been made.