Liquid Phosphorus & Potassium

Feeding short cut turf


This spring I originally planned to feed my turf phosphorous and potassium by means of a cheap granular 20-20-20. The stuff comes in 40lbs bags from Walmart at about $22-24 per bag, a killer deal for the amount of NPK you can put down $/lbs wise.

My issue is when maintaining turf at 1/2” height or less, to utilize granular products effectively and efficiently it really needs to come in a “greens grade” size. Greens grade granular fertilizers are not really cost effective nor easily accessible in comparison to most other products I use.

The second issue with the 20-20-20 cheap stuff is the amount N. My regular program follows an application of 0.1lbs of N per 1k every 2 weeks. This gives me plenty of too growth and keeps the lawn green, deep green when supplemented with liquid iron. So I don’t really want anymore growth out of another fertilizer. I wanted something with little to no N and a fairly high rate of P and K. A liquid 0-15-15 or 0-20-20 is what I had in mind. Something along those lines at least.

Simple Lawn Solutions (SLS) 3-18-18 is the most affordable and easily accessible product I was able to find that fit the bill. It still has a small amount of N, but hits the numbers I wanted for P and K.

A 32oz bottle weighs 2.93lbs, so there is 0.08lbs of N and 0.52lbs of P and K respectively. I’m splitting that 32oz into two applications per month since I do all other applications every two week.

By adding SLS 3-18-18 to my fertilization arsenal, I can now apply a total of around 0.28 lbs of N, and 0.5lbs of P and K each month all in the form of liquid for a very reasonable price. The SLS 3-18-18 32oz costs $23 and the 2lbs of 46-0-0 works out to be $7.20. So basically $30/mo to spoon feed my turf high quality, fast releasing fertilizer. I think this could be the perfect power pack combo.

In this weeks lawn journal video, I cover doing spot core aeration with a new tool I picked up as well as applying the SLS 3-18-18.

This weeks lawn journal video here👇🏻

diy core aeration