Managing a slow start to the growing season


This May has been an unusually cool start to our growing season for my region. Average temp highs were only in the mid 70s.

The first two weeks of may I applied 0.1lbs of N per 1k to the lawn and saw a nice green up and surge of top growth, as expected. For the past week I was waiting for the Bermuda to bust through the sand leveling I did in the middle of the month before I could mow again. This week we finally got another two mows in, the first at 1/2” on the leveled area only. The second mow we dropped it to 3/8” and did the whole lawn.

I’m noticing a slight hit in color after the last mow, but that is sort of expected since iron hadn’t been applied in about 3 weeks, and I only fertilized the sanded area (trying to limit growth until I can sand the rest of the lawn).

To finish the week out, I did an application of iron, liquid aeration, and wetting agent. Timed perfectly as we had a slow rain begin a few hours later. Hopefully we will see consistently warmer temps as we head into June.

This weeks lawn journal video here👇🏻