Retaining Water in Soils

Liquid Aeration & Wetting Agents


My lawn has suffered from rather excessive pooling in areas and run off in others. In my side yard, I usually have to wait almost 48 hours after a reasonable rainfall before I can mow again.

I’ve seen a few products advertised as liquid aerators and wetting agents over the past year and I decided to do more research on them in general.

3 part series on liquid aerators here👇🏻

Essentially from what I can gather from a few videos and articles is liquid aerators and wetting agents both tend to reduce the surface tension so that water can more easily flow into the turf and subsurface. It seems wetting agents tend to target water retention more than aerators, but that may be just an incorrect perception of the information I’ve reviewed.

The products I chose to try out are EZ-WET and Liquid Lawn Aerator from Lawnstar. Both products can be found in my product links page.