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Fertilizers & Soil Conditioners

a bag of urea on a phone screen
a package of fertilizer on a phone screen

PGF Complete 16-4-8

UREA Nitrogen


Water Soluble

a bag of no - o - o fertilizer

PGF Balance 10-10-10

simple lawn care - screenshot
a bag of humic chair soil amendment
a bag of the andersons dog food

3-18-18 Liquid Fertilizer

Humichar Soil Amendment

Dirt Booster Soil Amendment (Mycorrhyzal Fungi)

soil aerator - screenshot
a bottle of liquid iron on a phone screen
ez wet liquid fertilizer - gallon

Wetting Agent

Turf Health

a bag of duocide insect control
spectracide weed stop for lawns
a gallon of weed whacker weed whacker weed whacker weed whacker

Insect & Grub Control

Pre-emergent Weed Control

Post-emergent Weed Control

a bottle of pesticide with a white label on it
a bottle of eagle fl oz eagle fl oz eagle f
a bottle of a brown liquid on a white background

Liquid Insecticide

(I’ve used to treat Bermuda mites)

Tools & Accessories

a cordless string trimmer with a battery and charger
a cordless string trimmer on a white background
3m safety walk tape in a package

Ryobi 18v String Trimmer and Blower

Ryobi 18v Power Edger

Reel Mower Grip Tape

a black tool with a wooden handle and a wooden handle
a stainless steel tray on a white background

Manual Core Aerator

Leveling Rake


a coil of black plastic pipe on a white background
a blue plastic connector for a water hose
a black plastic connector on a white background

5/8” Tubing

Female Connector

Male Connector

a black plastic fitting on a white background
a black plastic elbow on a white background
a black and green garden stake on a white background


Elbow Connector

Orbit H20-6